Plant Life II

Pattern Design, Photography

Stemming from my personal obsession with plants, this project explores the way that nature is seen (and thus treated) in present society. Plants are now trending among millennials due to multiple factors, such as a desire for healthy living and lifestyle cultures, and many more reasons. However, at the same time there is a general idea that they are decorative objects rather than alive organisms. Giving someone flowers is even seen as a romantic gesture, even though a flower is the genitals of a plant.

Fascinated by how flowers are often seen as a symbol of innocence while human genitals are still heavily censored and taboo, I created a series of “human floral” wallpapers, and placed it in abstract home settings where the roles are reversed and humans are the decorative objects of plants. 


Assistant Set Dresser: Mikki Sindhunata

Those are the three pattern designs I created, inspired by different types of floral patterns. If you’re interested in seeing the process that led to this final result, click here.

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