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Athena Gronti (Athens, 1993) is a designer working in and merging the fields of Art Direction, Textiles, Graphics, and Photography. She makes soft-looking work about dark topics, as a way of showing that poetry is everywhere if you look close enough.

Womanhood and the feminine experience throughout history play a key role in her practice, which is often strongly influenced by her Greek / Balkan background. Her pieces gently nod to traditional and classic, while maintaining their contemporary and conceptual nature.
She is an alumna of Willem de Kooning Academy (2018) and is based in Rotterdam, where she has her studio at de Wasserij.

Exhibitions & Press


dec 2022 - Remedy by Cream Athens, at TAF The Art Foundation​
oct 2022 - Dutch Design Week, Messmerizing
sept 2022 - Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend, de Wasserij
oct 2020 - Dutch Design Week, Virtual 3D Expo 
oct 2019 - Dutch Design Week, VEEM 
july 2018 - Graduation Show, Willem de Kooning Academy
dec 2017 - Hacktiek, Roodkapje
june 2017 - Plants for Pictures, Festival Design Kwartier
april 2017 - Wallpaper, Showroom MAMA
april 2015 - Frame the Artist, TENT Rotterdam
june 2014 - Blender Collective, the Red Apple
april 2014 - Smeltpunt, Willem de Kooning Academy




G-star RAW

1999 magazine



COVER magazine

Dutch Design Daily


Fashion Headline

Sourcing Journal

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