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Lie in


Project recognitions:


> Featured in PhotoVogue

> Published in Purplehaze magazine


Full team credits:

MUA & co-Art Direction: Janne van de Weijer

Set Assistant: Tim Schaap

Models: Sophie Aalbers & Hester Stokman


We all know this limbo phase- we all know birth too, but we tend to forget that before birth there's labor. Hours and hours of suffering through contractions and pushing with all your might until it’s finally time for new beginnings. We think of birth as the final outcome, we only think of final outcomes, and we expect change to happen as fast as life goes in our digital era. We forgot how to dig holes in the earth and subsequently forgot how long it takes for seeds to sprout, for sprouts to turn into trees, and for trees to birth fruits that are ripe enough to eat.


How about the in-between time, this limbo phase we all know? The phase of waiting?


“Lie in wait” was created in august 2019 and it visualizes the in-between phase, the limbo, both the tangible and poetic change and invites us to slow down and look at it, without expecting it to be anything more than what it is. Everything takes time. Let’s lie in wait.​

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