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Piece of

“Piece of Blood” is a wool weaving made entirely by hand in a hand-made loom. It is illustrating women’s pain, effort, and heartache that textiles “carry on their shoulders”. 

Women weren’t always allowed to learn how to write or read, but they were obliged to learn how to do “domestic work”, aka textile work. We, therefore, often find their own perspective in history expressed through textile pieces instead of writings.

Women’s struggle and fight for equality is far from over, and the labor that goes into the textile industry is still very much women’s labor. By illustrating blood in this weaving, I am telling my side of the story - women are still in pain, our voices are still not heard, our bodies’ faiths are still being dictated by men, we still have a long way to go. The soft nature of the weaving seems inviting and draws people in, but the story it tells is quite heavy, sad, and absolutely necessary to be told.

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